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- DIY Projector(pros&cons, some critical topics)

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- My Trip in London(+Southampton)

- Study at University Heilbronn(one year as software engineering student)

- Information for thai students who interested in study at Germany(+ my experiences)

"โปรดอย่ารอคอย แต่จงติดตามด้วยความระทึกในดวงหทัยพลัน" ประโยคเด็ดจากบรรณาธิการมติชนสุดสัปดาห์


Love me love my blog!


BumpTop™ Prototype

Keepin' it Real: Pushing the Desktop Metaphor with Physics, Piles and the Pen

Can we combine it with XGL-Compiz together?

from P'Art

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